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Military Records at the Indiana State Archives are available online as digital images free of charge through the Digital Collections of IUPUI University. This database is also available online at FamilySearch and Fold3 (these might be easier to search). United States World War II Army Enlistment Records. Provide the name and county of residence when requesting a search. WWI: Questionnaires. The World War I questionnaire project was part of an effort to gather.

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Search Connecticut Military Department The Connecticut Military Department is the custodian of historical military personnel records for retired and. Explore databases for records from every major U.S. war. Military records that tell the American story. Search All Military Records. We maintain nominal rolls, service records and information about the Search nominal rolls for members of Australia's defence forces who have served in.

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National Archives and Records Administration Military Reference Branch · National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) Military Personnel Records · Archives II Textual. Military Records · Background Reading and Lists · Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) · Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) · National Archives - Mid-Atlantic. Genealogy Research Service ⋆ Record Lookups ⋆ Research Ancestors ⋆ Research a Veteran ⋆ Request Military Records WWI WWII WW2 Korea Vietnam.