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Do not bring household sharps to a Take It to the Box household medication dropbox at a pharmacy or law enforcement stations. Dispose of prefilled syringes. Loose needles, syringes and other medical sharps should be collected in heavy-duty plastic containers. Never flush them down the toilet, place in recycling bins. What to Do with Used Sharps in · Put used sharps in a strong, plastic container. · Put the plastic container in the household trash-don't recycle! · Sharps should.

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When disposing of your used needles and syringes,you should follow these steps. 1. Place sharps in puncture-resistant, hard plastic or metal containers that. Correct disposal of medical sharps · Take your sharps to a registered sharps collection station. · Contact your doctor, clinic or local hospital. · Call a local. Sharps Disposal Dos · Do store sharps containers in areas that are child- and animal-proof. · Do label sharps containers, "SHARPS". · Do secure the top of a full.

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Medical Waste Disposal · Place the sharps in a leak-proof, puncture-resistant container. · When the container is full, seal the lid securely, tape it closed, and. 1. Get a Proper Sharps Container Pick up your initial sharps containers at no charge at any local fire district or municipal fire station. (You may be asked. Syringes, needles, pen needles, and lancets used for self- care or care of family members in a If you chose to store used needles for future disposal.